FemTech.dk – Getting Grace ready for Copenhagen Makers

FemTech.dk is part of Copenhagen Makers

GRACE is an interactive Origami installation and App, created by FemTech.dk, which celebrate the 70th anniversary since the first bug was found in a computer by famous female computer scientist Grace Murray Hopper. GRACE combines history with making and technology as a way to reach and engage heterogeneous groups of people in technology design, and will be introduced to the public at Copenhagen Makers faire 2017.

Concretely, the GRACE installation is a 120*240 cm representation of an old electromechanical computer with vacuum tubes. Participants then create and add physical origami bugs to the electromechanical computer, by attaching these to micro-controllers which can go online. The micro-controllers can then turn-on/off different types of actuators (servo motors and LEDs), by participants playing a online mobile game, which they download on their smart devices.