My main area of teaching and supervision includes Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Human Computer Interaction, Innovation, Concept development, healthcare informatics, global software development, ethnographic methods, Maker practices, exploratory prototyping, IT within organisations.

Master program (cand.scient), Computer Science program, UCPH

At the Master program in Computer Science I teach within the Human Centred Computing research area, e.g. I teach the restricted elective Master course Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)  – which is changing name to Collaborative Computing in the Fall 2017, where it will run in Block 2.

Furthermore I supervise Master thesis students, and examples of thesis topics includes:

  • Borden Pomohaci (2016): “Cooperative Work Practices in Construction Industry: Articulation Work and Awareness”
  • Disha Singh (2016): “Global Software Development”

Master program in Communication & IT, UCPH

At the Master program in Communication & IT I teach the mandatory course in Concept development & Innovation, which in the Fall 2016 included a MakerWeek, where students applied different approaches to prototyping using materials such as 3D printing and micro controller programming.

Furthermore, I supervise Master thesis students, and examples of thesis topics includes:

  • Maria Hedegaard Brandenburg (2016):”Iterative Concept development with prototypes”
  • Arni Einarsson (2017): “Guidelines for Designing Immersive Videos for Learning Activities: A Case Study of New Eyes on the World”
Bachelor program in Communication & IT, UCPH
At the bachelor program in Communication & IT I do not teach specific courses, but I supervise Bachelor projects and examples includes:
  • Oskar Sevel Konstantyner, Kristian Stauvrebjerg Jensen, and Emilie Vidtfeldt Tell (2017): “Implementering af groupware applikationer i virksomheder: Erfaringer fra den virkelige verden”
  • Olivia Linder and Jonathan Jensen (2017): “Pair Programming & Coding Pirates: Acceleration of social interaction and creative learning in programming”

Professional Master level (cand.it), Master in Software Engineering

Part of my teaching at UCPH is done in collaboration with ITU on the Software Engineering Master program where I teach Computer Supported Cooperative Work.

Former courses on different educational programmes

Previously I have taught the course: 1)  Distributed Collaboration & Development, which is part of the Software Development technology master program (SDT) as well as the Digital Design & Communication master program (DDK) and 2) the IT University of Copenhagen.  IT & Work design, which is part of the Global Business Informatics (GBI) bachelor at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Former and ongoing supervision (master thesis)

48. Mark Wulf and Mathias Petræus (2018): Utilizing Virtual Reality to assess collaborative workflows and architectural design in Super Hospitals, Computer Science, University of Copenhagen

47. Christoffer Belhage (2018): Open-design IoT-Concept to facilitate Gender Diversity in Computer Science, Computer Science, University of Copenhagen

46. Ragnar Joensen (2018): Bedømmelsers betydning for nye vinårgange, Communication & IT, University of Copenhagen

45. Guro Rognstad Levang (2018): Global software development & Agile teams: Utfordringer med samarbeid og kommunikasjon, Communication & IT, University of Copenhagen

44. Martin Rishøj Mathiasen (2018): Algoritmisk investeringsrådgivning, Communication & IT, University of Copenhagen.

43. Emma Liv Nielsen (2018): Vejen til Sikker fremtid: Et empirisk speciale om at designe med flygtninge, Communication & IT, University of Copenhagen

42. Silje Lundsteen (2018): So this is how we do it… for now, Communication & IT, University of Copenhagen

41. Frederik Freiesleben, (2018): Et mekka for making? En kvalitativ undersøgelse af infrastrukturen i Copenhagen maker, 2017, Communication & IT, University of Copenhagen

40. Julie Pflug von der Osten and Ea Lundbjerg Hansen (2017): Exploring work practices in Danske Bank, Digital Innovation and Management, ITU

39. Tue Odd Langhoff, Peter Mørck, and Mads Christophersen (2017): Sundhedsplatformen: Re-Introducing Work Practices Surrounding Health Data, Digital Innovation and Management, ITU

38. Amalie Strandly Kjelstrup and Sacha Weile Nielsen, Communication & IT, University of Copenhagen – 2017

37. Zaza Emilie Bartsch Michelsen, Communication & IT, University of Copenhagen – 2017

36. Frederik Sidenius Jacobsen, Communication & IT, University of Copenhagen – 2018

35. Arni Einarsson: Guidelines for Designing Immersive Videos for Learning Activities: A Case Study of New Eyes on the World, Communication & IT, University of Copenhagen, Master, 2017

34. Tue Odd Langhoff, Peter Mørck, and Mads Christophersen: Re-assessing documentation practices, ITU, 2016

33. Borden Pomohaci, Computer Science, University of Copenhagen

32. Disha Singh: Global Software Development, Computer Science, University of Copenhagen

31. Maria Hedegaard Brandenburg: Communication & IT, University of Copenhagen

30. Tue Odd Langhoff, Peter Mørck, and Mads Christophersen: Personal Health Records and Patient-oriented Infrastructures, ITU, 2016

29. Lars Elley Hornbeck: A field study of workspace awareness on an expanding SCRUM team, 2015

28. Mathilde Brolund-Jensen: Casestudie af udfordringer oplevet af danske konsulenter, der arbejder i Danmark i et globalt distribueret team, 2015

27. Julie Pflug von der Osten, Ea Lundbjerg Hansen, and Rosita Kanto: Makerspaces from a CSCW perspective, 2015

26. Mia Stokholm Nielsen and Julie Caroline Hjelmsø: Driving practices, 2015

25. Mikkel Hvid Amstrup, Tue Odd Langhoff, and Peter Mørck: Data Capture Among General Practitioners, 2015

24. Thomas Blichfeldt and Sidsel Kersti Valvik Thaarup: Environmental Action Plan (Coroico, Bolivia), 2015

23. Olivier Bélanger: Implementation Strategies in Enterprise Social Software, 2013

22. Janne Bjørsted: Global identity in a collaborative creative company, 2013

21. Stina Matthiesen and Lise Møller Petersen: The Social context in virtual teams: A Case Study at Danske Bank, 2013

20. Sofia Lazopoulou: Implementing and adopting Test Automation from a managerial perspective – Case study in IT Capital Markets at Nordea bank, 2013

19. Stina Matthiesen and Lise Møller Petersen: Literature Study on Social Context in Virtual Teams, 2012

18. Jens Farvig Thomsen: The Digital Scrum Board: Groupware technology for supporting allocated scrum teams, 2011

17. Katharina Müller: The Challenges in a Globally Distributed Collaboration Process, 2011

16. Anders Rud Skak-Arnstrup: Creativity in virtual teams – A study on cognitive and social factors influence on creative performance in virtual teams, 2011

15. Jonas Urth Olsen: Open source development, 2011

14. Rasmus Eskild Jensen and Helle Tolderlund Storm: Global software development: A case study of the challenges of relation work, knowledge sharing and organising cooperation, 2011

13. Renée Korver Michan: Collaboration, Communication and Contextual Information: A case study on challenges for asynchronous, textual, technology-mediated communication, 2011

12. Line Hedeman Nielsen: Write a wiki – A casestudy in collaborative writing in web based education, 2011

11. Sara Marie Ertner and Anne Mie Kragelund: Empowerment: a theoretic analysis of Participatory Design, 2010

10. Jens Hedegaard Nielsen: Danish – Chinese collaboration within virtual teams, 2010

9. Sara Marie Ertner: Empowerment: The Challenge – a casestudy of Participatory Design Practice, 2010

8. Gitte Lis Kaslund, Torben Steensgaard Andersen, Jens Brushøj, and Sune Cordua Nielsen: Is data gold? Perspectives of health care professionals regarding digitalization in support of their work practices?, 2010

7. Anne Mie Kragelund: Conditions for Facilitation of Democracy: A Case Study of the Interaction in a Participatory Design Activity, 2010

6. Andranik Khodjayan: File-sharing in Peer-to-Peer networks versus copyright, 2010

5. Rikke Thomsen Kornby: The complexity in outsourcing, 2009

4. Ahmo Kordic and Henriette Danefeldt: What are the challenges facing IT projects within the Danish Health Care Sector?, 2009

3. Maria Cristina Haugaard Jensen and Jannick Rune Frederiksen: Mis-match between technology and practice when introducing EPM at a hospital department, 2009

2. Anders Nøhr Holmstrøm: Rooted Future – a contextual digital project, 2009

1. Grethe Donohoe, Judith Lørup Rindum, Christine Friis Rasmussen and Pia Grandahl Kjeldsen: Passing on information about comorbidity among cancer patients in connection with standard package treatments, 2009