PhD education

I enjoy close collaboration and engagement with PhD students, and have been involved in the PhD research training of eight PhD students. Two are still ongoing accordantly to plan, while the rest have finished and defended their dissertations. After end degree three PhD students were  head hunted directly after graduating by industry (CF Møller architect, InfoSys research Lab, and Erhvervstyrelsen), and currently one is Assistant Professor. For me high quality PhD supervision includes off cause the research topic, methods, and dissemination, but I also find it critical important that the supervision is also about ensuring that students are introduced properly into the international research communities. My supervision concentrates around providing highly dedicated and quality supervision in terms of executing good research and publishing the research at high-end venues with high impact. My PhD students have good track records and have published in the Journal of Computer Supported Cooperative Work (JCSCW); European conference of Computer Supported Cooperative work (ECSCW); European Conference of Information Systems (ECIS); International conference on Design of Cooperative Systems (COOP); International ACM conference on supporting Groupwork (GROUP), and International conference of Computer Supported Cooperative work (CSCW).

Ph.D. students, primary supervisor:

Stina Matthiesen, IT University of Copenhagen 2013-ongoing

Karim Jabbar, University of Copenhagen, 2015-ongoing

Rasmus Eskild Jensen, IT University of Copenhagen, finished 2015

Naja Holten Møller, IT University of Copenhagen, finished June 2013

Ph.D. co-supervisor:

Rikke Lindekilde, Århus School of Business, University of Aarhus, finished January 2017

Morten Esbensen, IT University of Copenhagen, together with Jakob Bardram, finished 2016

Steven Jeuris, IT University of Copenhagen, together with Jakob Bardram, finished 2016

Archisman Majundar, Indian Institute of Management, Banagalore, finished March 2013

Visiting PhD students

Robyn SchimmerVisiting PhD Student from University of Umeä, Sweden, Spring 2016

Maria Melendez BlancoVisiting PhD Student from University of Trento, Italy, Spring and Fall 2016

PhD Coordinator, Computer Science Department, PhD program (DIKU)

Since Fall 2016, I have been PhD coordinator for DIKU. To know more about the PhD program at SCIENCE, see the PhD school website.