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Since 2017, there have been an increase in the female student population at DIKU, and we are thrilled that Dansk Industry mention in their analysis.

CryptoSphere – IoT device where the interaction is let by motion sensors

The second workshop took place in the Spring 2018, and we had 26 female high school students participating. For the occasion, we (Maria Melendez-Blanco, Christoffer Belhage, and me) had developed CryptoSphere, which is an IoT device allowing participants to encrypt messages sent on Facebook using…

We need new narratives on Computer Science

Based upon our work in – I was interviewed to talk about inclusion in computer science. You can also read my opinion piece published in Aktuel Naturvidenskab – both are in Danish.

Visiting Professor at University of Washington, Seattle

Thanks to the Fulbright scholar program, I will be spending one year at University of Washington, in the Human Centred Design and Engineering department from Aug 2018-Aug 2019. My research focus is Makerspace Methodologies – and creating new narratives for computer science continuing the work of… – Getting Grace ready for Copenhagen Makers is part of Copenhagen Makers GRACE is an interactive Origami installation and App, created by, which celebrate the 70th anniversary since the first bug was found in a computer by famous female computer scientist Grace Murray Hopper. GRACE combines history with making and technology as a… – research project

Excited that we had the first workshop in the research project before the Easter vacation – Thursday April 20th we visited Ørestads Gymnasium and Friday April 21st we visited Albertslund Gymnasium (Next). Read more about at DIKU

Visiting Université de Technologie de Troyes (UTT)

Taking advantage of being in Paris for the Interact2017 PC meeting, I will also visit Université de Technologie de Troyes (UTT), visiting Professor Myriam Lewkowicz and her research group in March 2017.

Diverse interest across UCPH in interdisciplinary Makerspace

Since February 2017, we took the first initiative to gather people across UCPH to see if there was a joint interest in creating a UCPH Makerspace. In March, in total 68 people have expressed their interests, and 33 participated in the start-up meeting at Southern Campus March 13th…